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RTM Consulting Limited offers independent IT Consultancy, specialising in leading and supporting client’s  IT change and transformation programmes in complex business environments.  My experience in understanding and delivering IT services spans almost twenty five years.  Although I’ve worked mainly in the UK I’ve also been lucky enough to have worked for many brilliant clients in European cities over the years, including my native Denmark.  I’ve worked in many different sectors – from beer brewing to oil, gas, private finance and government.   In 2010 I put down roots in the beautiful and vibrant Scottish capital of Edinburgh and I haven’t looked back, it’s a hugely inspiring place to live and work with excellent connections to the hubs of business communities around the globe.

My business is built on an ethos of positivity about life, the universe and technological processes.  I am passionate about delivering solutions which are intuitive and exciting for users and the IT people who support them.  I am very focused on creating environments that enable people to work positively with IT, building a tangible feeling of progress, trust and development.   Additionally, I don’t scrimp on the basics of creating IT systems that are solidly rooted in a foundation of robust security and refined overall system integrity.   My consultancy work often provides a reassuring, consolidating force in teams that are struggling with the challenges that change presents.  If you have a project you’d like to discuss, of if you’d just like to gain clarity on the scope of what you’re considering with IT, please get in touch.  I am always happy to have the opportunity to introduce myself and learn about what IT means to different companies as they move forward in a demanding time for business around the world.

As someone who appreciates the value of expert knowledge and the unique insights that come with years of business experiences, I regularly partner and recommend other highly respected IT specialists.   We are always delighted to discuss new projects at any stage of their development while appreciating that projects in their early stages often require sensitive handling and creative thought.  Our focus is on business, common sense and growing knowledge; we’re never about hard sell.  Do get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Thanks for reading.

Robert Melohn